About the park

“The Park creates a great opportunity for the development of cooperation between science and business. (…) it allows to review the latest knowledge in practice and then implement it in business. We will contribute by bringing in the scientific thought, ideas and projects that can be carried out in collaboration with innovative companies”.

Krystyna Olczyk, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine Vice-rector for Postgraduate Training at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice

The Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park (SSTP) creates favourable conditions for companies, business support organizations, scientific and research establishments and educational institutions; it provides suitable infrastructure with necessary technical background and offers technical assistance. Its mission is to stimulate the economic development of the city of Sosnowiec and the Silesian Voivodship by attracting, supporting and developing innovative businesses operating in the high-tech sector.

The purpose of the Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park is to actively participate in the economic life of the region and the city by creating favourable conditions for business and science units for the development of innovative solutions and new technologies. Other objectives include the support of the regional development, creation of new steady jobs, knowledge transfer and the commercialization of high technologies.

The Sosnowiec Science and Technology Park cooperates with the city authorities, local authorities and local, regional and national institutions and organizations by engaging in activities designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and development, exchange technical thought, organize trainings and present the achievements of the region.


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